About the Artist

Robin Casey is a conceptual fine art photographer living in New Jersey. She has been an artist, writer, actress, comedian, collector, lover of justice, and passionate ne’er-do-well since birth. She took up traditional 35mm film photography in her teens. Now, digital photography, composition, and editing have freed her creative spirit like no other mediums before.

Robin creates painterly, ethereal, thought-provoking images. She seeks to paint a picture of what she sees in her mind; using subtle meanings, symbolism, or mythical reference, she creates her visual stories. Sometimes haunting, sometimes dream-like, and often whimsical, her images are about beauty, life and death, strength through struggle. But ultimately, her images are about hope. Within the lightness and darkness and chaos of the universe, she seeks reason, humor, and grace. And it is her job to share it.

You are beautiful, and you are powerful.

That is her message…

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